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Remote Lab Access

In spite of the Corona crisis, engineers and AGCS clients are still enjoying the support of a fully working AZT laboratory thanks to Remote Lab Access.

Even during the actual "Corona crisis" engineers and AGCS clients are having the support of a fully working  AZT laboratory by means of modern communication media (Remote Lab Access).

In many cases of industrial claims  detailed lab investigations are an important step for identifying the  root cause, and for facilitating the claims settling as well as the re-commissioning of the failed machinery. The traditional way of lab investigations practiced at the AZT has been that the responsible operator and the assigned engineer carry out the investigations jointly, especially when it comes to scanning electron microskopy or optical microscopy. Thus, the analyses are being conducted focused on the discussions between operator and engineer. With regard to better accessibility without beeing present in person, AZT has developed and introduced the "Remot Lab Access" last year.

In the actual situation remote access helps AZT to meet the safety regulations with respect to restricted personal contacts and travel restrictions. AZT engineers can participate at different analyses and have discussions with the operators in live mode.

Of course "Remote Lab Access" can also be made available for clients, not only in the current situation, but also after the Corona crisis so that they don't have to travel necessarily to the laboratory and stay there for a couple of days in order to follow the investigations.

This article is from Daniel Aschoff

Contact: Johannes Stoiber, Stefan Thumm