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2019Damage Experiences in Solar Thermal Power PlantsPersigehl, B.; Stoiber, J.; Weber, R.VGB Materials + Quality Assurance Dresden
2019Lessons Learned from damages of mechanical drive trains of wind turbinesGriggel, T.; Gellermann, T.VGB Materials + Quality Assurance Dresden
2019Predictive Maintenance - Influence on insured RisksGellermann, T.; Thumm, S.AGCS Expert Days
2018Reliable Calculation of Slewing Bearings for the Industrial PracticeGriggel, T.; Gellermann, T.; Neidnicht, M; Handreck, T.; Lüneburg, B. (TK RotheErde)Bearing World 2018 *)
2017Use of VDI 3834-1 & DIN ISO 10816-21 for vibration monitoring of large wind turbine fleetsGellermann, T., Oertel, U.; Fritsch, H. (Bachmann Monitoring)VGB Powertech 7/2017
2017Lessons Learned in Solar Thermal Power PlantsPersigehl, B.AGCS Expert Days 2017
2015Rubbing damages of steam turbine rotors – Causes and effects Gellermann, T.; Thumm, S.; Pecher, H.; Persigehl, B.VDI 2015
2015Lessons Learned for infrastructures of modern production facilities     Bemm, A.; Thumm, S.AGCS Expertdays 2015
2015Gears and bearings in wind turbines - recognized damage patternsGriggel, T.OilDoc Conference 2015
2013Extension of the scope of Condition Monitoring Systems for Multi-Megawatt and Offshore Wind TurbinesGellermann, T.VGB PowerTech 9/2013, VDI-Berichte 2168
2013Investigation into the dynamic behaviour of wind turbine drive trains and damage examplesGellermann, T.; Griggel, T.MPA 2013
2013Analysis and Control of Prototypical Risks of Gas and Wind TurbinesGellermann, T.; Müller, G.AGCS München 2013
2013Special Risks for Steam Turbine Operation due to changed energy marketsThumm, S.; Eckel, M.;AGCS Expertdays 2013
2012Damages to the Drive Train of Wind TurbinesGriggel, T.; Gellermann, T.VGB PowerTech 7/2012
2011Investigation into the dynamic behavior of drive trains in wind energy convertersGellermann, T.; Wikidal, F.VDI Berichte 2123
2009Corrosion Mechanisms of Boiler Tubes lined with RefractoriesHohmann, UEuroKorr 2009 *)
2007Current Experience with Repaired GT ComponentsStoiber, J.; Müller, G.Turbine Forum 2007